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wedding day



Unclassics wants your wedding to be really special!

Make your wedding rings unique pieces
wide range of choice between classic models, creation of personalized handmade rings or on the advice of our designers, precious rings of high historical value.

Leave your guests the memory of this unique day
choose from very special favors with pretty decorations that respect the new and elegant taste.

For your first trip as a married person, choose a dream vintage car
you will find at your disposal and in perfect condition the famous Volkswagen van of the flower children, the most classic and elegant Mercedes W123, the custom Beetle of ’72 with a very rock’n’roll taste, the sporty, but classy, Saab 900 yellow convertible with black coat and many other models …

Welcome your guests in an original atmosphere
embellishing the environment that will welcome your party with vintage objects and antique furnishing accessories, suitcases, lamps, radio, TV, postcards etc.


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