‘Love Saves the day’ ring in 925 silver with engraving.


Band ring ‘Love saves the day’ in 925 Silver with engraving.
Excellent manufacture, handmade jewel in limited edition, available in different sizes.
Band Height:23mm
Weight:23.30 gr.

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Band ring ‘Love saves the day’ in 925 Silver with engraving.
Limited edition hand-raliazzato ring.
These jewels are inspired by the birth of Disco Music;
Love Saves the Day, this was the name of the first great alternative party in the history of disco was February 14, 1970, Valentine’s Day and David Mancuso opened the doors of The Loft which became the reference point for those who loved music, for the gay community and for all those who did not like to attend commercial places, what was once mancuso’s home became a sacred place where Mancuso offered fruit-based drinks and proposed vinyl music to embark on a real journey, a truly unique musical and mystical experience.
Everything was studied in detail, from the acoustics to the set-ups.

(Rolling Stones- Claudio Biazzetti)
‘A nocturnal fauna of outcasts, rebels: people oppressed by a society that, only to hear about drugs or free sex (between people of the same or not) would have more willingly crucified than understood. This was the record before the record companies came to plunder it. A movement, a nocturnal turmoil without a precise sound. But if you had stopped someone on the street in the Manhattan of the time asking him what the sound of the moment was, I’m sure he would have answered “that of the Loft”‘

Rings made in Italy, original jewels and well preserved.

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