Palombelle. Antique earrings era ‘800


Sciacquajje/Palombelle, late nineteenth century.

Large shaped and empty circle earrings with four oscillating grains in the inner cable.
Very rare and unobtainable popular jewels in good condition with a single dent on one side of an earring
Earrings formerly called Sciacquajje/Palombelle.
Typical Jewel of Abruzzo that was given by the boyfriend to the future
bride on the day of the “promise” of marriage (civil promise)

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Earrings called ‘sciacquajje’ (from the ancient term scioccaglio) or palombelle
made with embossed and chiseled slabs with oscillated pendants;
they were worn daily by the peasants of Abruzzo and Molise because
with the tinitinnium of the pendants, negative influences and bad tongues were kept away.
These jewels most likely come from the laboratories of Agnone, Scanno or Pescocostanzo.
Information taken from the texts of Adriana Gandolfi, traditional goldsmith in Abruzzo.

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