Antique necklace mid ‘800 with pendant ‘Presentosa’ in 9 kt gold


Necklace ‘collar’ with pendant ‘presentosa’ mid ‘800 in 9 kt gold.
Jewel in excellent condition and with excellent manufacture.
Punched: 01 (you can’t see the city’s acronym well)
Length: 31,50 cm
Pendant Dimensions: 30.40 mm X 40 mm
Weight: 9,65 gr.

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Ancient necklace mid ‘800 ‘spindle’ type ‘cannaca’ with pendant ‘presentosa’, filigree star with a heart in the center.
A very rare jewel first described by the poet Gabriele D’Annunzio.
‘The presentosa was made with many variations due both to the stylistic choices of the goldsmith, and for the reasons of commission.
In fact, it could present one or two hearts united by lunar crescent, hearts with tears of blood or flames of passion, doves flowers,
all symbols of love propitiatory of a fertile union. This jewel was given by the boyfriend as ‘present’ therefore in dialect,
presents (representation), from which it presented.’

Texts taken from the book: Jewels in Italy, Tradition and novelty of Italian jewelry from the sixteenth to the twentieth century – Lenti-Bemporad.
Chapter, Traditional Goldsmithing in Abruzzo by Adriana Gandolfi.

Necklaces made in Italy, original jewels and well preserved.

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Weight 44,0000 g
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