90s cornucopia earrings in 18 Kt gold and precious stones


Cornucopia earrings in 18 Kt gold and colarated quartz and freshwater pearls.
Size: 60 mm X 24 mm
Weight: 17,60 gr.

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Cornucopia earrings in 18 Kt gold, excellent manufacture reminiscent of Etruscan workmanship.
In fact there are decorations with the granulation technique for the rest is finely worked
and colored quartz and beads of excellent quality were used.
Granulation is a technique used in goldsmithing as early as 2500 BC. C. in Mesopatamia, in Syria, then in Egypt, in Greece and consisted of making these microspheres and then welding them on the jewel as a decoration usually called ‘dust’.
The maximum splendor is reached by the Etruscan civilization in the seventh century a.C which produced jewels with complex decorations of extraordinary refinement.
In this jewel you can see the Etruscan and Roman inspiration.

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