Marchack 60s bracelet in 18 kt yellow gold and precious stones

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Marchack bracelet in 18 kt yellow gold with diamonds, rubies, peridots and drop-cut sapphire.
Beautiful and unique jewel that is part of the Multicolor Jewelry collection conceived by the renowned goldsmith house of Kiev.
Paris 60s.
Excellent manufacture, perfect is the state of preservation.

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Kiev, 1868, a very young Joseph Marchak begins his apprenticeship as a jeweler, it will be the starting point for a very long goldsmith activity that is still perpetuated today. In the early ‘900 he gained the fame of ‘Cartier of Kiev’ and gradually ranged in France, America and Belgium, participating in exhibitions and fairs.

He creates jewelry for the Romanov dynasty and exhibits at the Ecole des Beaux Arts et Arts Déco in Paris, his activity undergoes only a short interval during the Great War but resumes more creative than ever in France, in the 20s, with the opening of a shop in Place Vendôme and then in the America of the 60s.

In those years Jacques Verger, Alexandre Diringer and Bertrand Degommier interpret the new multicolor trend of the moment and give life to wonderful rings rich in colors, imaginative in the shapes and variety of precious stones.
Even in Morocco the sovereign Hassan II becomes a loyal customer of the Marchak brand. In the early 2000s a new start-up that is still perpetuated today.

New collections are born that are always faithful to the multicolored and figurative style of its tradition. Unique pieces such as the Fire bird in emeralds, rubies and opals, the Unicorn brooch in diamonds, amethysts and sapphires, butterflies in tourmaline, turquoise, sapphires and diamonds, marine subjects in mother-of-pearl or coral and still numerous sophisticated rings rich in precious stones. A world of colors and creativity.

Bracelets made in Italy, original jewels and well preserved.

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