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The mild-mannered Mad Hatter in search of lost time
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Antique bracelets, necklaces and earrings from the early 1900s.

A collection of suggestions

Unclassics is not a resale of memorabilia from the past, but a collection of suggestions, where the importance of the objects is given by their rarity and the depth of the memories they evoke.

Like the taste of madeleine that triggers Proust’s search for lost time, each Unclassics object stimulates our involuntary memory, bringing to light fashions of the past, however recent, and reminding us who we were, how we were, but above all who we will be and how we will be. Wandering around Unclassics is like following the white rabbit to the bottom of Wonderland. A paradoxical country, a collection of collections from disparate places, witnesses to cultural backgrounds that cannot be juxtaposed, but all religiously included in Antonio’s idea of vintage: in order to be admitted, everything must not only be old, but must be ancient, in the sense that it must tell a story, signify a memory.

What is the difference between a crow and a desk?

This is the riddle without solution that the Mad Hatter posed to Alice in Wonderland.

When you come to Unclassics you will meet the owner Antonio, a mild-mannered and volcanic Mad Hatter of today who, unlike the original Mad Hatter, does not live perpetually at tea time: in his concept store he has repudiated linear scientific time, preferring the idea of time-duration, in which the past cannot be measured quantitatively, but can only be understood qualitatively through consciousness.

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Antique bracelets from the early 1900s.
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Our shop in Campobasso

The directions of the search are virtually endless; you go in to buy a vintage jewel, you come out with a 45 rpm first edition by Nicola di Bari and the Penny record player that we had seen in our grandparents’ living room as children and had dismissed at the time as an accident far from us.

In this sense, Antonio is a true archaeologist of old trends, with an encyclopaedic knowledge of ancient and modern world jewellery, driven by a violent and inspired passion for modern and contemporary art, cinema, good music on analogue media, transistor radios, Lambrettas, commercial signs, Made in Italy and much more. He digs by separating the scabs from the real modernism, what was once trendy and now cannot be forgotten.

This is his dystopian search for his lost time. Antonio will not be able to explain the difference between a crow and a desk, but with his store he will show you how the crow and the desk can coexist in the same quest. He will take you on a journey containing infinite journeys to infinite places, backwards and forwards in time, in which old cults of objects will be followed by new ones, at the end of which you will know yourself better, driven by the recovery of your most beautiful memories.


From all of us at Unclassics store – Thank you and happy shopping!

Michele Cerimele

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We look forward to seeing you in our store in Via San Giovanni, 17 every day from Monday to Friday from 9:30 to 19:30.

Or call directly +39 0874 1960631‬

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